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Our selection of designer wallpapers for adult and children's rooms.

Dedicated only to its occupants, the room is generally not a place that guests or other persons outside the home are invited to visit. Its decoration is therefore purely a matter of taste and sensitivity: No excuse not to let your desires and imagination run wild!

However, the occupancy of the room varies greatly depending on the people: Some use it only for sleeping, while others make it a real living room for reading, working, or other purposes. The time you spend in a room can indeed affect your choice: you can get tired of a pattern more quickly if you spend more time with it.

Our solvent-free printed non-woven wallpapers provide original ideas for installing in the rooms. In our collections, whether it is geometric and coloured patterns or trendy hand-made vegetal gouaches, we imagine headboards in a parental suite as well as whole walls (wall covering) for a child's room.

All you have to do is create the atmosphere that suits you by combining patterns and colours. Our models are available in a wide range of colours: RAL, pastels, vivid, Pantone or acidulous...

Our "Tiki Wall" Pink with its velvety and powdery look is soothing and trendy, "Birdy" Orange creates a joyful atmosphere in a child's room and "Caribbean" Blue Night is muffled and delicate.

You will find more than 120 models on the site.