Paule Marrot

Collection Paule Marrot

24 wallpapers

Retrospective Collection (1950-1974)

“His art is a language. Like others with words, Paule Marrot with leaves and flowers, describes this thing so simple and so difficult to express which is called happiness. » André Arbus

Very early in her career, Paule Marrot (1902-1987) showed her interest for painting thanks to decorative art. She created very expressive drawings from the 1920s to the 1970s. Paule Marrot uses nature in a bold way; its colors and trends reflect a modern style for composition classically associated with the Art Deco movement. Paule Marrot works also on poetry – a real revolution in thread and weft! Her master is Maurice Denis , previously it was Renoir and later Raoul Dufy. Everyone advised her to follow the path of painting. Hopefully, she doesn't listen to them.

The Decorative Arts gain an outstanding creator of atmospheres, acclaimed by painters, decorators, writers and publishers. Its fabrics with appeling names (“Tante Irma”, “Magnolia”, “Comtesse Olga”, “Mon oncle Émile”, “Du Côté de chez Swan”, “Voici des fleurs et des fruits”, “Nono au Cannet”… ) continue to seduce France and abroad. America in particular is conquered; her creations can be found in Jacqueline Kennedy 's salons where they embody a French art of living.

To create this collection in close collaboration with Paule Marrot editions, Le Presse Papier has meticulously reworked each drawing, color and painting presented here.

The purpose of this work was to keep the initial poetic intention of the artist, spontaneous, joyful as well as the lightness of his hand. 

We have the immense honor of presenting this work to you.

We hereby warmly thank the rights holders.