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Our History

Generous, free, playful: labelled Artisan d'Art, le Presse Papier is above all the personality of a man, Sébastien Barcet, who for ten years has devoted himself to his love of the infinite possibilities of luxury wallpapers and fabrics . Demanding, he renews and enriches Lyon's heritage and revives the spirit of the silk industry with creations that resolutely give pride of place to flowers and colour. Le Presse Papier is a joyfully independent and singular choice. A poetic act made of a multitude of gestures. A permanent concern for detail. An impulse of the eye that celebrates the Beautiful. And what Henri Focillon so rightly called "the life of forms". A voracious passion for the delicate and inexhaustible energy of art.


Passion, quality and decoration: Our workshop philosophy

In the heart of the silk capital, located at the crossroads of natural land and river routes, the Presse Papier design and production workshops are located in the historic drawing district fabric of Lyon (Croix Paquet /Croix Rousse). In the past, the Vernaison, Augier-Pitaud, Brückert-Berthet, Vernet, Jean Louis Lhopital and Bianchini-Férier drawing studios used to open their doors here and welcome clients from all over the world. For the past ten years, le Presse Papier has been perpetuating this excellent craftsmanship as close as possible to its roots, in the very place of its birth.

Le Presse Papier is also the name of five designers from Lyon's fabric industry, heirs to the great tradition of the silk industry. Exceptional talents who have designed for the historic workshops of the Croix-Roussien district, the hill of the Lyon Canuts, as well as for the major Parisian haute couture and furniture houses. Gouache, pencil, watercolour... each collection and each motif is drawn in the traditional way by hand, and digitally. Le Presse Papier unveils original creations, re-editions of works by past artists and creations freely inspired by the history of decorative arts. Some of its designs have been included in the permanent collections of the Musée du Papier Peint Français (in 2014 & 2020).

Stories to devour... with your eyes. Come closer. Look... Presse Papier's creations are stories that each detail patiently tells: an animal or botanical inspiration, an emblematic figure, an atypical and poetic place, an artistic movement, the spirit of an era. More than a wallpaper, it is an open book, a colourful score, a visual universe that unfolds each time, inviting reverie and imagination. To enchant the senses and the mind, to arouse curiosity, to create a special atmosphere. An idea. A desire.

Le Presse Papier promotes an eco-responsible approach. The Lyon workshops have the Imprim'Vert label and use recyclable non-woven paper free of PVC, with quality solvent-free inks. Cutting is optimised to limit paper waste and all parts of the printing process are recycled.


Our collections can therefore be installed safely, without harming inhabitants health and air quality of your home.

Are you located in Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Miami, Melbourne... Or in any country around the world? Our wallpapers will be delivered worldwide in a solid packaging designed for this purpose.

Passing through Lyon? It is possible for you to get the orders directly in our workshops.


The team :

Sébastien Barcet

Founder of Le Presse Papier . Sebastien is above all passionate about the Arts, in search of contribution to those of the decorative arts and the poetic act he starts alone le Presse Papier in 2012 addressing initially to interior designers and decorators. At the same time creative, narrator, colorist and artistic director of the brand. For the past 10 years, he has maintained a form of heritage of the Canuts and Jacquard looms in the historic district of fabric in Lyon. Four other designers accompany him in this adventure.

Olga Ilic

An outstanding draftswoman, Olga has proven her talent in Raoul Bruckert's workshops in Lyon. For nearly 17 years within the Michel establishments that became VALTEX, she broadened her know-how, moving from drawing to engraving, from creation to pure technique. Having joined the Presse Papier team in 2016, Olga brings her handrawing skills, finding inspiration in the nature, the imagination, plants and animals. She develops pencil illustrations, gouaches on paper for both furniture and wallpapers.

Personal website:

Pierre Bonetto

In the early 1970s, Pierre was 16 years old and took his first job as an apprentice draftsman in a creative textile workshop.
At that time, there were more than a hundred workshops in the Croix Rousse, the historic textile workers hill overlooking Lyon. Since this time, Pierre has continuously worked as a draftsman for the french textile industry. His career led him to work in about thirty workshops, including the prestigious Brochier and Bianchini-férier, which printed for haute couture more than 60,000 designs for fashion clothing and the home decoration. Currently, Pierre also draws for the Hermès house.

Chantal Lassieur

After studying Fashion Design and Art History, Chantal started as a freelance textile designer working with various workshops in Lyon. Then he became an in-house stylist for a silk company in Lyon and then for a furniture and decoration company.
Since 2005, she came back to a more personal creative activity by mixing drawing, painting and illustration, mainly in the world of interior decoration, which remains her favourite field.

Florent Terracol alias "Mr Paisley"

After ten years in a drawing studio located on the Pentes de la Croix-Rousse, a historic Lyon creative textile district, Mr Paisley now travels from New York to Milan for his clients in luxury furniture and luxury ready-to-wear. Passionate about traditional cashmere, he also likes to renew the figurative styles of the 19th century.

instagram Mr. Paisley



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Photo Credits :

Sabine Serrad

Project by Veronica Fanfani Ungaro, model Eden Ecru Styling : Christine Hebras Photos : Frenchie.cristogatin

Lending of objects Scenography photos = Thank you 1000 times to the endless story

A big thank you to Frenchie Cristogatin and Constance Gardes who let us use their photograph as an automatic setting image!

Photo Palm Indigo, Thanks to Sophie of the Bastide Les 3 Portes St Paul de Vence

Photo commode Charlotte Perriand and Lamp Julien Barrault, Thanks 1000 Fois to Sabine Serrad, Nathalie Rives and Julien Barrault

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13ème Etage Red: Sandrine Fournier and direction Cécile Papapietro-Matsuda for Maison Créative

Creation of the website :

This website was created and is maintained by the web agency Neutron, in close collaboration with Le Presse Papier for interactive design and user experience.

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