1960s Textile & Wallpaper

Pop culture and humor serving Design

As a continuation of the 1950s, the 1960s continue to experience and signify the renewal of a light and joyful spirit, using rounded and geometric shapes, textures most often smooth and polished, bright colors and materials already used previously such as plastic or metal.

The characteristics of the 60s style reflect the interest in space exploration and science fiction and propose a new conception of modernity.

Fashion is then about consumption, disposable, ephemeral and carefree, far from International Style’s functionalism marked by the war and made to last. The Tamtam stool by Henri Massonet or the Panton chair by the Danish designer Verner Panton are emblematic of this new taste.

Under the influence of Pop Art, a global artistic movement bringing popular culture to all areas, objects and interior decoration become singular and fanciful. The wallpaper, for this purpose, is adorned with vibrant colors and floral or psychedelic patterns, giving the impression of a gap with reality. Op Art or Optical Art will also influence the patterns used in decoration by exploiting distortions and visual illusions.

A selection of our 1960s inspired wallpapers

The Sixties were a revolutionary and inventive decade in terms of fashion, music and decoration.

Free era, the 60s then abundantly infused creativity into design .

The way of designing and thinking about an interior is radically changing, lifestyles are changing, mentalities are evolving... We obviously think of literature, Rock & Roll but also of "the New Wave" in cinema and the invention of “Pop Art”…

All these cultural and artistic upheavals find echo in the graphic arts, and particularly in wallpaper. Our designers were inspired by this era to work on these wallpaper and textile models.