Collection Berlingot

44 wallpapers

Stripes, a timeless pattern.

Pattern of the devil, emblem of sailors, but also symbol of freedom and humor, there are stripes and stripes as highlighted by Michel Pastoureau in his very beautiful book : Rayures. Une histoire culturelle published by Editions du Seuil .

Le Presse Papier through the Berlingot Collection calls on this protean pattern, evocative of the universe of Jean-Paul Gauthier and his famous sailor stripes, typical of Barnett Newman's abstract expressionism , representative of Color Field Painting, signature of Daniel Buren while being a timeless motif of decoration which will find its place both in a residence of character or a castle as in a child's bedroom, thanks to its multiple variations.

Modern, both chic and timeless, stripes can be classicaly English, inviting for a walk on the Planches de Deauville or celebrating the beach cabins of Saint Nazaire in Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot. It is therefore also a whole universe recalling simple elegance and old-fashioned vacation without loosing its contemporaneity.