Collection Rétro

6 wallpapers

Vintage reinterpreted

Claiming her vintage aspect, the Retro collection deals with the nostalgia for times of creative excitement and formal renewal. Bringing new forms, vintage design also reminds us of comfort and warmth that we can find in the crackles of a vinyl record or in the patina of a piece of ancestral furniture.

Our Retro collection highlights floral motifs from the 20s and 30s, an era between two wars during wich numerous artistic movements emerged: the 1936 model revisits Art Deco by offering geometric leaves in contrasting colors, Alice 1927 is freely inspired by the ornamental stylization and soft line of Raoul Dufy's textile creations. Pivoine pays homage to the queen of flowers, inspiring artists throughout the ages, also prized by flower painters from Lyon aiming to show, with naturalism, the freshness of its petals and its shimmering colors.