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The charm of a retro chic wallpaper in your interiors

The retro-chic or vintage trend has become an essential style in recent years. Playing on the nostalgia of more optimistic times, or positioning itself as an alternative to the colder and more impersonal modern trends... Vintage design has the comfort and warmth that can be found in the crackling of a vinyl record, or in the patina of a piece of furniture that has served generations.

This trend, which draws on the different visual worlds of the 20th century, is not only based on re-releases, but also on new creations interpreting the classics in our present time.

Our Retro collection gives pride of place to the floral motifs of the 1920s and 1930s, a period between two wars that saw many artistic trends expressed: The 1936 model revisits Art Deco, Alice 1927 is freely inspired by Raoul Dufy's style.