Collection Aquatique

7 wallpapers - 1 cushion

A sensory immersion in organic and plant patterns.

Enter in an underwater world fullfilled with colors and details, in which the graphic shapes of plants seem to undulate along the water.

Inspired on the one hand by Art Nouveau and specially by the volume published by Ernst Haeckel, one of the most famous German biologists of the 19th century and talented designer, repertoire of geometric architectures and ornamental patterns from the seas and plants, the Aquatique collection also finds its inspiration in the 1950s and patterns inspired by Pacific cultures, calling upon a vibrant, colorful universe full of surprises. These wallpapers invite to peace and contemplation as much as an undulating dance in chimerical depths.

Aquatique collection's models are exclusively hand painted and colored for their variations. Rhizomic corals in faux-plain or graphic plants with high contrasts, real underwater jungles, they can be an original and surprising alternative to tropical wallpapers .