Bathroom Wallpaper

Offer an unexpected and original decoration to your bathrooms thanks to our wallpapers

Sometimes a little neglected in decoration, or simply forgotten when it comes to wallpaper, bathrooms and bathrooms are nevertheless a very fun playground for decoration! It is a closed room, independent from the rest of the decoration, and not strictly speaking a living room. We can therefore create an astonishing and fun decoration without any problem .

Concerning bathrooms and bathrooms, wallpaper is often excluded from decoration choices for practical reasons. It is true that if the room is small and potentially poorly ventilated, the humidity risks degrading the aging of the paper. But if you are lucky enough to have a relatively large room, and the humidity level remains reasonable, you can wallpaper the walls if they are not wet . Why deprive yourself of a little originality and graphics in a room that is often only tiled?

Used in decorating your bathrooms, our wallpapers with designer or more traditional and floral patterns add a unique and personalized touch according to your desires.

Recommendations for installing wallpaper in bathrooms

It should be noted that the installation of wallpaper, even high-end non-woven wallpaper, in a bathroom may be contraindicated without special precautions.

It is important to position it away from splashing water . By placing it wisely on one or two sections of wall and combined with beautiful tiling , a piece of furniture, a door, or large mirrors, it will have the most beautiful effect.

Your bathroom then offers a distinguished panorama, the wallpaper providing an artistic and unique atmosphere.