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White: Different possible styles for your indoor environments

It would be wrong to consider white as a facility, a simple absence of colour. Indeed, we find white and its variations (off-white, beige, grey, etc.) in different decorative styles that each assert their personality.

Pure and calm, white is the preferred colour for cocooning decoration: The Bel Archipel, Light Palm or Paris models create a soft and relaxing atmosphere, ideal in combination with raw or natural materials.

Contemporary architecture and design make extensive use of white for its clarity, its light and its absolute to create striking contrasts. In this style, Tiki Wall or Garden Party will add a touch of fantasy and very subtle colour in a refined atmosphere.

Beige and off-white shades, very close to white, can be used in many contexts, particularly in the colour palettes of the 1970s.

Light-coloured wallpapers are chic and allow the most daring combinations, in terms of colours and furniture.