White Textile & Wallpaper

White: Pure and calm

Full color or value? Theories confront each other from Leonardo da Vinci to Goethe via the chemist Chevreul .

However, before the 17th century, white was a color, without question. From Antiquity to the heart of the Middle Ages, it constituted with red and black a triad taking its source from the representations of daily life. During this period, it is not opposed to black but to red.

White and its variations (cream, off-white, beige, gray, etc.) are also used in contemporary architecture and design , which prize it for its clarity, its light, its absoluteness which makes possible the creation of striking contrasts.

Who does not have in mind the Cycladic houses of immaculate white blending with the blue of the sky and the sea?

Thanks to its very positive, pure and calm symbolism, white is the shade of choice for cocooning decoration.