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Wallpaper & Fabric Floral Patterns

Foliage, flowers and trees... Discover the diversity of our floral designs!

Since the origins of decoration, plant and floral patterns have been a great source of inspiration. Every human civilization has tried to transcribe the beauty of nature and plants through different stylizations, creating an exceptional graphic richness.

Our different collections reinterpret this classic theme, appropriating various styles: Botanical realism as in the Agra model, tropical trend in Tiki Wall or Caraïbes, traditional Indian pattern for Royal India Hotel, or more expressive style for Water Plant or Bolero....

A timeless classic of decoration, the plant pattern is a sure choice and will into many interiors. Our variety of patterns gives you a wide choice and offers many combinations of styles, colours and moods.

All models in this category are created from hand-painted gouache by our designers.

The plant patterns are so rich and diverse that they can bring any room a special atmosphere from different eras or regions. Sometimes inviting to dream and nostalgia of an ancient time, sometimes to travel and exotic paradises, the plant is aesthetic but also very evocative.

The timeless Indian revives the fascination for the East that has been present in our Western imaginations for centuries. Contemporary to the creation of French India, its import was banned in order to protect French factories headed by Lyon establishments. Appreciated for its exoticism, it marked the history of Europe. Le Presse PapierIt is reinterpreted through Royal India Hotel, an Indian motif wallpaper.

Opting for Victorian patterns will bring out a soothing atmosphere with cream tones and subtle lines. These typical drawings recall the botanical sciences of Darwin and naturalists time. All this combined with the oriental inspirations of the themes makes it a privileged choice for your reading rooms, lounges and bedrooms. Victoria Orange is an example full of personality.

Subtle, delicate, but very graphic and full of contrasts, our Japanese inspired wallpapers will create a soothing and discreetly oriental atmosphere in your home. Their colours also make it possible to match the furniture in many ways. Discover in our collections Maïko 1920 or Hanami.