Pink Textiles & Wallpaper

Pink: From men's wardrobe to layette, a color in perpetual change.

Pink is undoubtedly a color even if it is absent from the color circles of Newton, Goethe or Chevreul . A simple mixture of pigments or softened red, it appeared in language in the 18th century, taking its name from the “color of Rose”.

Associated with blue and initially used to dress young children in England in the 19th century, it acquired its still persistent gender distinction at the beginning of the 20th century, then leaning towards the feminine side. However, it was worn during the Renaissance by male representatives of the nobility.

Whether Pink is powdery, Fuschia, Coral, Baby, Candy, Salmon, the color Pink seems to be above all a shade with strong cultural connotations.

Tending towards Violet, White or Red, Pink invites itself into our collections giving them a dimension full of softness without leaving its carnal aspect.