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Wallpaper: A key element in the decoration of your living room

The living room is the central room of the house. It is a place to relax but also somewhere you can share friendly moments with family or friends. The use of panoramic wallpaper or repeated patterns from Le Presse Papier allows a strong character for the room and creates a unique atmosphere.

Some may see the decoration of the living room as a garment: Made for its user, but reflecting a personality, a lifestyle to our surroundings. This aspect leads some people to moderate their desires, or to follow them without compromise. It's all about character after all! However, the interior of the home is a space of personal freedom, as relatively few are found in our modern lives. It would be a shame to do without it!

Some ideas of styles for a design and original exhibition

Opt for a geometrical pattern if you want to bring volume and modernity to your living room or a floral and vegetal motif to give it a more poetic atmosphere.

The varied choice of models and colours in our ranges allows everyone to imagine their own decoration and to associate it with their environment (furniture, sofas, green plants, cushions, paintings, lighting, photographs, etc.)

Our model "Paris 1947" is design and trendy, "Grand Budapest Hotel" is deliciously modern and retro-chic. "Palm 1957" brings elegance and refinement.

You will find more than 140 models on the site.

The living room is often the main space of your home. Less defined than other rooms, it is often associated with an entrance, a kitchen (American kitchen) or even a bedroom in smaller apartments. It is the place where you receive your guests, family and friends. From this point of vue, the living room is the image you give to the outside world, choose the right wallpaper and decoration of the living room is therefore quite important.

The functions performed by the living room evolve over time, we see more and more people working, or even sleeping in their living room. It is undoubtedly the most modular room in the house. It is often in the centre and connects the inhabitants as in collocations where it is part of the common rooms. The choice of wallpaper of this living room is then strategic since it must satisfy everyone without falling into banality.

The choice of your wallpaper will also be strongly influenced byé by the arrangement of your furniture. We will tend to favour an original wallpaper for a clear wall where a simpler wallpaper will be used for a wall minus visible because it is hidden behind a shelf or piece of furniture. Similarly, it will often be more interesting to have a worked wallpaper in front of your ca.nor his favorite armchair than in his back where you will see him less.

You must take into account in the layout of your decoration the brightness of your living room and its openness to the outside world. An apartment living room will tend to be more intimate naturally because it has less openness than a living room that may have French windows to a garden or terrace.

Sf you want to integrate indirect lighting into your room, it is better to anticipate it when choosing your wallpaper. Depending on its texture, uwallpaper will be able to reflect more or less light and player on the overall lighting atmosphere of your living room.

To choose the right wallpaper, you can look at the following trends . In 2019 they give pride of place to the art deco motifs. Back in fashion, we see more and more often these geometric shapes set with metallic colours! Well usedes they will give your living room a retro-chic and intimate warm atmosphere.

The timeless plant motifs are evolving into a lush tropical style. You will thus give your living room a more poetic inspiration, close to nature.

As for colour, yellow remains very prominent while pink and more specifically coral seems to be the preferred colour of the year.