Textiles & Living Room

Wallpaper: A centerpiece of your living room decoration

The living room is the central room of the home. It is a space of relaxation but also the place where we share moments of conviviality with family or friends . Decoration is essential to create a unique atmosphere shaped in your image . Installing panoramic wallpaper or repeated patterns from the Presse Papier collections allows you to assert the character of the room and create unique atmospheres.

Some may see the decoration of the living room as a piece of clothing: Made for its user, but reflecting a personality, a lifestyle to those around us. This aspect leads some to moderate their desires, or to follow them without compromise. Ultimately, it’s all a question of character! However, the interior of the home is a space of personal freedom, the likes of which we find relatively few in our modern lives . It would be a shame to deprive yourself !

Some style ideas for a designer and original living room

Opt for a geometric pattern if you want to bring volume and modernity to your living room or a floral and plant pattern to give it a more poetic atmosphere .

The varied choice of models and colors in our ranges allows everyone to imagine their decoration and associate it with their environment (furniture, sofas, green plants, cushions, paintings, lighting, photographs, etc.)