Collection Paris

10 wallpapers

“Today’s world was born yesterday, in the fifties and sixties”, Dominic Bradbury, The Fifties Style, the Complete Edition , éditions Parenthèses

The Paris collection initially finds its inspiration in the work of a Parisian textile workshop from the 1940s. The Paris 1947 model is a re-edition of wallpaper from an original gouache from 1947. Its sinuous shapes are recalling the dancing lines of Matisse or the drawings of Cocteau.

The “Modulo” model released in fall 2020 is a pencil and ruler drawing which makes his own certain codes of design and architecture from the 1950s with a peculiar wink to the Modulor developed by Le Corbusier. Unit of measurement adapted to the human scale, Modulor was used for the creation of Cité radieuse de Marseille . Modulo wallpaper offers its own standard and its 5 colors are designed in a very modern way.

The notions of module, construction and the link with mathematics are once again explored with the Escher Dream model. This wallpaper is a tribute to MC Escher and his obsession for infinite repetitions and impossible constructions, using geometric patterns to give a third dimension illusion in order to play with the viewer's perception.