Wallpaper and fabric d

Wallpaper & Fabric Design

Original and design wallpaper: Graphics or floral, invite the originality of our design motifs into your interiors.

Le Presse Papier never ceases to think about design and colours to offer contemporary atmospheres and in line with current trends.

Our original creations (drawings, gouaches or digital design) are designed in our workshops by our designers: Specialized textile artists and graphic designers.

They find their inspiration from the decorative arts as well as from architecture, music, literature, painting, graphic design and film.

We also seek to be at the forefront of technology, both in terms of new materials and printing techniques, combining visual style with impeccable printing media. And this, always in a quality and eco-responsible research approach.

Our collections and models are created and renewed very frequently, so feel free to come back to our site to see what's new.

You will find more than 120 wallpaper models on the online shop.