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The emergence of the craftman and artist at the same time

The Arts and Crafts movement was born in the United Kingdom in 1860. In the context of industrial development, society is changing. Progress excites as it worries. John Ruskin, passionate writer of the medieval and Gothic era and William Morris, furniture and decorative objects manufacturer, publisher and printer, join together in a fervent defense of craftsmanship standing in front of standardization caused by industrial design.

Their common desire led to the creation of the Arts and Crafts movement, putting know-how and individual creation at the heart of creation. Above all, it announces design, bringing Beauty into the world of functionality, but also the Viennese Secessionist movements, Modern Style and its French and Belgian counterpart Art Nouveau. Later we will find its print in the Bauhaus.

The Arts and Crafts movement is one of our major influences.