Kitchen Wallpaper

Give your kitchen real personality with our designer wallpapers

Wall decorations combined with beautiful paintings highlight the desired atmosphere of your kitchen: friendly, retro, warm, creative, refined or designer...

Flowery, old-fashioned, vintage or modern, colorful and geometric, our wallpaper models (tapestries) give character and unique atmospheres to the layout of your room which will combine with originality with existing elements.

Pepper, basil, mint, olive, lemon, so many colors that can be found on our wallpapers!

We think of the tangy and pop “13ème Etage” models, our “Palm” collection and its refreshing foliage or the deliciously exotic “Acapulco”.

You will find more than 120 models on the site.

Trendy kitchen wallpaper

Photos @_alinek / Guillaume Ducreux