17th Century Textile & Wallpaper

The Great Century

The 17th century opened with Baroque, an ostentatious style where decor played a fundamental role. Making use of curves, volutes, favoring trompe-l'oeil and light, inspired by the taste of Eastern cultures, Baroque and its French expression in the decorative arts, Rocaille, are intended to make an impression.

This century that we call the Grand Siècle still goes on under the reign of Louis XIV, with a return of the classical ideal inspired by Antiquity and Renaissance which would allowed the development of all artistic forms: architecture, painting, sculpture and decorative arts. Nature stands at the front row, leaving aside the dramatic effects of Baroque for a return to the rule: shapes, proportions, colors, design and composition must be balanced and harmonious.

Our workshops draw from the multiple facets of this century, both in its search for formal harmony and in its taste for exoticism which feeds the aesthetic vocabulary.