Linen textured non-woven paper


Smooth and Matte Non-Woven Paper


Easy to install

We print our creations on two types of washable non-woven wallpaper. Sold in connectable strips (62 x 300 cm and 124 x 300 cm) but also made to measure; they are ready to install, simple gluing to the wall!

We sell connectable strips.

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Two high quality papers

Our high-end wallpapers are printed on a choice of two materials, offering different results in terms of light and texture. They are both professional-level non-wovens and offer impeccable print quality and visual rendering.

Linen textured non-woven

This material offers a result close to fabric, with a very qualitative traditional fiber texture.

  • PVC-based wall covering on paper backing
  • Thickness 300 Gr
  • Surface resistant to scratches and moderate impacts
  • washable
  • very fast drying
  • M1 fire classification
  • Leaves no residue when removed
  • Simple installation


Matte and smooth non-woven

  • Thickness 195 Gr
  • high opacity non-woven backing
  • Ecological, PVC-free, FIRE M1 classified, FSC certified of origin
  • Strong tear resistance
  • washable
  • Standard wallpaper glue
  • Simple installation
  • Made in France




As you may have noticed, we pay particular attention to the stability of our production and make systematic quality control. Due to the printing technologies and the successive baths necessary for the production of Wallpaper:

– Each production as distinct batches

– Each batch is individually controlled

– Color shades may vary depending on each batch (5% movement possible)

– Dimensional deformation tolerances between batches can be of 0.5mm over 1000mm

It is therefore preferable to check the quantities you need and order your strips in one go.



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