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Tropic of the Capricorn

These handmade motifs, drawn in pencil and painted in gouache in our workshops, bring your walls to life and produce a "natural" and poetic atmosphere.

The Tropics collection features plant patterns, jungles, tropical forests, banana trees, cut foliage and toxic flowers from paradise islands.

Many decoration ideas from this collection can be found to highlight a specific part of a room such as a desk corner, a headboard...

By combining them with wooden or wicker furniture and your houseplants, your rooms are adorned with a wild and refreshing nature in a "Bohemian" spirit.

The "Caraïbes Nuit" elegantly enhances the walls of a bedroom with its intimate and muffled colouring, while the "Palm" and "Light Palm" models in their different versions are ideal for a kitchen, bathroom, office or living room.

The "Caribbean" & "Madeira Night" models are available on our fabric furnishing offer (Velvet and Canvas).