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Wallpaper & Fabric Blue

A trendy and timeless colour, blue is part of many of our designs

Duck Blue, Sky Blue, Greek Blue, Klein Blue, Azure or Navy, discover a selection of our blue wallpaper models. Depending on the shade chosen, this colour gives your interior very different atmospheres....

A dense and deep blue, indigo, as in the Caraïbes Nuit, Water Plant 1955, or Palm 1958 models, brings an intimate and upscale touch.

A lighter  or less saturated blue gives a calm and restful aspect, as in Light Palm Opaline or Afro Triangle Ciel.

When it turns green, as in Maïko 1920 Bleu Canard, Victoria Bleu or Acapulco Bleu, it evokes plants and natural colours.

Lively, dynamic and tuned with more graphic motifs, it would almost lose its reputation of calm colour and could awaken decorations a little too wise, as in the models Grand Budapest Hotel Turquoise, 13th floor Frosty Blue, or Swimming Pool Duck Blue.

Original patterns by our designers, printed by our workshops in France on high quality materials.