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Wallpaper & FabricGeometric Patterns

Graphic and modern, geometric patterns boost your decoration.

Abstraction is of infinite graphic richness, and has always been a source of artistic inspiration: From the Alhambra Palace, to Celtic ornaments and the timeless creations of Escher or Vasarely, the examples are as numerous as they are varied.

Revisiting the vintage trends of the last century, and our geometric wallpaper models revisit this great diversity:

Fluid and light lines, subtle and elegant decoration, for Paris 1947 (reissue of a period wallpaper), or Flamingo...

Dynamism and energy, as in Grand Budapest Hotel, Afro, or Riviera... Which reinterpret an Art Deco inspiration in the current trend...

Surprising and offbeat for 13th floor or Betty Page....

And many others!

Our wallpaper models fall into two main categories. Some of them, presented here, is geometrical and colourful with fairly strong and acidic patterns. Some other includes handmade drawings and gouaches in the traditional way.