Geometric Textile & Wallpaper

Graphic and modern, geometric shapes, key element of decoration.

Prized since Antiquity for their ornamental qualities, widely used by the avant-gardes of plastic arts and architecture, geometric shapes arise mainly from a stylization of nature's obervation and its figurative representation.
Wassily Kandinsky, one of the champions of Abstraction, used geometric shapes as key elements of his pictorial work.
He tried to make the internal vibration of the work felt through the shapes and composition, creating a true colorful score on the space of the canvas. We find research around geometric shapes in Braque and Picasso's work, as a way to transform reality. The Art Deco style also found inspiration in these pictorial researches and reaffirmed a taste for simple lines, the reinterpretation of classical architectural orders from Antiquity, and the light use of decorative motifs, Art Deco thus favors the shapes such as circle, spiral, triangle or chevron as well as a simplified graphic vocabulary.

We then think of Art Optique by Victor Vasarely; it is this taste for innovation and freedom carried by the avant-gardes of the early 20th century that still brings creativity in our workshops today.