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Mata Hari Night - Fabric per meter

Mata Hari Nuit is now available in fabricfurniture by the metre. Ideal for creating curtains, cushions, upholstery for sofas, sofas, armchairs or other furniture, it is available in Canvas or Velvet fabric. To be used alone, or in combination with cushions and wallpapers.

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Our materials

Our cushions and fabrics by the metre are available in two professional quality materials, offering different results in terms of touch, light and texture.

Photo of the canvas fabric Fabric Fabric Canvas Woven in France in the Vosges, it is ideal for making curtains or cushions for example, but is not suitable for seats.

Photo of the canvas fabric Velvet Extremely resistant and durable (42,000 Martindale towers), it is ideal for any use, including seating. It offers very soft light effects and a very soft touch, particularly qualitative.


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Our fabrics by the metre are delivered in rolls of a maximum length of 20 linear metres.

On the technical side

High abrasion resistance, fabricsfor durable and high quality furniture

Our products fabrics are tested according to the Martindale process, which allows us to evaluate the abrasion resistance of a fabric over time. This is particularly useful when choosing a fabric that will be used frequently: armchair seats, sofa covers, certain cushions, etc. This test is expressed in number of turns (the Martindale machine turns while rubbing the fabric), and as an example, the French standard for furniture is 10,000 Martindale turns for sofa covers.

These fabrics are available by the linear metre up to a length of 20 metres per roll. Two materials are available:

Vosges Canvas, Woven in France 

Martindale's 42,000-turn polyester razor corduroy is suitable for all uses, including seating, and will ensure durability over time.

Our guarantees

We deliver worldwide
Made in France
Professional quality fabric, highly resistant