Le Presse Papier celebrates its 10th anniversary with ANIMA

We celebrate life and nature with ANIMA our new creation in 10 colours!
Poetic and wild, ANIMA condenses the formidable energy of a passionate work that bears fruit and makes Lyon's know-how shine in the luxury world. A clever alchemy between nature and culture...

wallpaper Le Presse Papier

toile de jouy

It is in the heart of the silk capital, in the historic drawing district fabric that the design and manufacturing workshops of Presse Papier, a certified Artisan d'Art, have just given birth to a model of incomparable finesse, called ANIMA. A true ode to life and to nature as an infinite source of inspiration, this new creation revisits the iconic Toile de Jouy, inspired by scenes from the wild. An anniversary model that resonates as a symbolic call to nature and traditions, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Presse Papier.

Lions (pencilled in from Antoine Louis Barye's sculpture in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon), bears, monkeys and elephants unfold before our eyes, in a skilful combination of flora and fauna whose plant motifs intertwine to form a dynamic composition, as if animated by a vital breath... Vibrating with the same soul in a thousand and one forms, ANIMA is an invitation to daydreaming, a call to let oneself be crossed by these natural impulses that have been moving us since the dawn of time.

A nod to the eternal curiosity of humans for living beings, ANIMA wallpaper also echoes the great traditions and the eco-responsible approach of Presse Papier, which is firmly anchored in the present. With this new and original model, the Lyon-based company is asserting its passion for art, paper and the environment loud and clear... and showing its colours! Available in ten shades, ANIMA joyfully plays with codes by taking on different registers: classic (blue and red like Toile de Jouy), chic (grey and white), pastel (green, old pink and light blue) and modern (orange, blue and caramel). A creation resolutely placed under the sign of freedom.

Photos @sabine Serrad

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